Goshawk / Monsters of The Antipodes / This City Called Earth - 3-Way Split Cassettes


From three of our main Math Rock bands, comes this 3-way split featuring Goshawk, Monsters of The Antipodes and This City Called Earth!

Goshawk's spasmodic noise rock sounds can be found filling the streets of Berlin, raw and direct in delivery with a visceral quality to knock you off your feet.

Monsters Of The Antipodes' crushing heavy math rock sounds are the Maryland boy's signature dealings. Loud, intimidating and oh so good.

This City Called Earth the project of Anthony Vargas. TCCE keep the highly calculated, mind-bending technical math rock coming, challenging and groovy through the whole ride.

For fans of artists such as No Spill Blood, Melt Banana and Don Caballero.

Pressing Information

Three variants of this cassette are available! One cover and colour for each band respectively.

The Goshawk cover comes with a spray-painted yellow cassette.

The Monsters Of The Antipodes cover comes with a spray-painted red cassette.

The TCCE cover comes with a spray-painted green cassette.

All cassettes have professionally printed j-cards and are dubbed in real time. The tapes are also hand numbered.

Limited edition of 45 (15 of each cover).