Bluelily - Subtractive Cassettes


"Subtractive" is the sophomore release from Iowan shoegazer Bluelily, aka Zack Stewart.

Bluelily is what My Bloody Valentine would sound like raised on a steady diet of Chick Corea and Thelonius Monk - ethereal shoegazey music tinged with jazz sensibilities and spiralling musicality which culminates into something radically fresh. This EP is the follow up to 2013's single "Rainfall Sky / Live In Sound" which falls exactly 100 places before this EP in the Little L Records catalogue, one of our original releases. These two years have seen Bluelily blossom into an entirely different project, with a forward thinking approach to making music which is sure to draw you in.

For fans of The J. Arthur Keenes Band, The Depreciation Guild and The National.

Pressing Information

Available on limited edition spray-painted cassette, sprayed to match the album cover. All cassettes have professionally printed j-cards and are dubbed in real time. The tapes are also hand numbered.

Limited to 50 copies.